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Orion 1B/E
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Orion 1B/E

A safety light curtain for fingertip and hand protection, available in 14 and 30mm LED spacing. 


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Orion 1 Base Features

  • Orion Base units are the most economical safety light curtain on the market
  • Features include Automatic/Manual Reset
  • EDM (External Device Monitoring) allows the device to act as its own safety relay
  • Orion 1 Base can be used with the Pluto Safety PLC to “Mute” a circuit Pluto allows for more functionality in the safety system
  • 6M Range for 14mm resolution
  • 19M Range for 30mm resolution
  • Transmitter is a 5 pin male connection
  • Receiver is a 8 pin male connection
  • Can be made DynLink with a Tina 10A/B/C


Orion 1 Extended Features

  • Orion Extended units give you the added functionality for the most demanding applications
  • Automatic/Manual Reset
  • Muting applications
  • Y cable M12-C02PT62RM connects to receiver and muting sensors
  • Standard/Blanking applications
  • Use cable M12-C02PT6RB for standard and blanking applications
  • Cascading, Use Cascade Cable
  • Coding for when close together
  • Push Button Programmable
  • 7M range for 14mm Resolution
  • 20M range for 30mm Resolution
  • Can be made DynLink with a Tina 10A/B/C


Orion Safety Accessories

Orion safety accessories

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