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Safety Bumpers

Guard moving equipment that requires stopping time. The compression zone allows for longer stopping times. Available in customizable lengths and footprints, it can easily be adapted to various equipment types. These are used on machinery like AGVs to detect collisions with objects in their path.

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Features and benefits

  • The outer material is an artificial leather that provides excellent resistance to most liquids, oils, and chemicals.
  • Models with special outer material and foam for use in outdoor applications.
  • The twin cable connection (5m cable out or each side with M8 connector + M8 cable with flying leads) makes it easy to connect several safety edges in series.
  • Preassembled (no gluing required), supplied with matching aluminum support profile.
  • 4 different styles (60mm x 100mm, 100mm x 200mm, 150mm x 300mm and 200mm x 400mm).
  • Can be wired to a safety relay or safety PLC.
  • The US Safety Bumpers differ from the Safety bumpers listed in the European catalogs. There are no standard bumpers available. Contact for pricing.