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Safety Bumpers
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Safety Bumpers

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  • Preassembled (no gluing required), supplied with matching aluminum support profile.
  • 4 different styles to choose from (60mm x 100mm, 100mm x 200mm, 150mm x 300mm and 200mm x 400mm)
  • The twin cable connection (5m cable out or each side with M8 connector + M8 cable with flying leads) makes it easy to connect several safety edges in series
  • The safety edges are made of artificial rubber that has a excellent resistance to damage and moisture
  • Special foam and cover available for outdoor applications
  • For dual channel applications us a USR10 Safety Relay
  • For DYNLink applications (best practice) contact your Jokab support team.

* IMPORTANT - The US Safety Edges differs from the Safety edges listed in the European catalogs.

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