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Safety Edges

Easily detect objects in the path of a slow-moving guard. The Safety Edge detects pressure on the surface, and when wired to the appropriate safety controller (e.g. USR10), can send a signal to stop movement. Installation is easy with aluminum rail mounting and pre-assembled components. Used in applications on the leading edge of a moving guard, e.g. roller doors for welding or CNC machines.




  • Easily ordered 12” to 48” lengths (per inch). One part number comes with a pre-assembled edge and mounting rail.  Refer to the “Machine Safety Easy Reference Guide” for part numbers.
  • 2 different styles to choose from (30 and 45 mm high)
  • The twin cable connection makes it easy to connect several safety edges in series
  • The safety edges are made in TPE rubber that has good resistance to ozone, weather, and especially against chemicals
  • Cost-effective
  • For dual-channel applications use a USR10 Safety Relay


* IMPORTANT - The US Safety Edges differ from the Safety edges listed in the European catalogs.