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Safety Mats

Continuously detect workers inside hazardous areas of a machine when optical/hard-guarding can’t be used. The active area of the safety mat will detect pressure on the surface, and when wired to the appropriate safety controller (e.g. USR10), sends a signal to stop the machine. This is used for person detection and perimeter guarding.

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Features and benefits

  • Euro Dot slip-free surface comes standard.
  • Integrated and Blunt Trim offerings.
  • Rugged design gives safety mats excellent resistance to oil, water, and grease.
  • 32 different standard sizes and styles.
  • Available with integrated rubber ramp rail or external aluminum trim.
  • Designed so built-in ramp rail can be cut off in case of a “butt cut” design (placing two mats side-by-side).
  • Custom mats are available upon demand.  Contact for pricing.
  • 4 Conductor 10m cable with flying leads come out long side center.
  • Safety Mats must be affixed to the floor.


* IMPORTANT - The US Safety Mats differ from the Safety Mats listed in the European catalogs.