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Safety Mats
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Safety Mats

Safety mats can detect if someone is standing on them and shut down the machine accordingly.  Safety Mats could use a M12-5 pin male field wireable connector and a M12-5 pin female cable for connectivity or wired directly to terminal blocks.


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Integrated and Blunt Trim offerings.  



  • Ideal for secondary protection inside a work area or in the front of a machine at the point of operation
  • 32 different sizes and styles in stock
  • Available with integrated rubber ramp rail or external aluminum trim
  • Highest quality, most robust safety mat on the market
  • Euro Dot pattern ideal for oily/slippery environments
  • Custom mats available upon demand
  • Cost effective
  • (4) Wires come out long side center
  • Safety Mats must be affixed to the floor
  • Safe Distance calculations must be made for the application See main catalog for calculation example
  • For dual channel applications use a USR10 Safety Relay
  • For DYNLink applications (best practice) contact your Jokab support team.


* IMPORTANT - The US Safety Mats differs from the Safety Mats listed in the European catalogs.

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