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Vital Safety Controller

Eliminate fault masking associated with dual channel devices. Help reduce downtime with easy troubleshooting using DYNlink devices enhanced LED indication and auxiliary information lines. The Vital Safety Controller is used for monitoring multiple DYNlink devices on the same machine.

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A single Vital to supervise all safety functions on many machines that otherwise would have required a programmable safety controller or multiple safety relays.

Vital is also commonly used to supervise all emergency stops for larger machine lines.

Features and benefits

  • TUV-tested to the highest level of ISO13849:2015 (Category 4/PLe) and EN 62061:2005+A1:2013 (SIL3) with DYNlink devices, even in series.
  • Reduced wiring with using DYNlink devices and accessories.
  • Easily add new or non-DYNlink devices with Tina adaptors to an existing system. No programming needed.
  • Up to 30 DYNlink devices can be attached to the Vital 1 Controller.
  • Detachable terminal blocks speeds up connection and replacement.
  • Manual or automatic reset via wiring.
  • 22mm width with 2NO safety outputs.
  • Cannot be bypassed at the controller.
  • Advanced Diagnostics with use of DYNlink devices– Flashing Lights guide you to the problem.
  • Use TINA adapters to convert dual channel devices into DYNlink.


Vital DynLink Controller application image