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Smile Tina Emergency Stops

Smile Tina emergency stop is a small and easy to install emergency stop. The size of the device makes it possible to be installed wherever you want. It comes with M12 connection or cable, and the centralised mounting holes makes it especially easy to mount on aluminum extrusions.

Used to stop unsafe machine function in order to prevent an accident or reduce its consequences.

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Features and benefits

  • Kiwa-tested to the highest level of (Category 4/PLe), even with devices in series
  • Helps reduce downtime with extensive LED indication and auxiliary information lines.
  • Easily expandable if additional e-stops are needed.
  • Models with black button available for a safety stop
  • Easy Connection
  • Statusbus (Individual status for up to 120 devices (30 per Statusbus input, 4 per Pluto) version also available.
  • DYNlink technology allows connection to a Vital Safety Controller or Pluto Safety PLC