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Eden Dyn

Help improve machine uptime with a robust and flexible safety sensor. Help avoid nuisance tripping and sensor failure, even in harsh environments, with a large temperature range and IP67/69K ratings. Easily installed in any orientation with 360-degree mounting and a large sensing range.

Used for guarding doors, hatches and detecting position.

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Features and benefits

  • TÜV-tested to the highest level of EN ISO-13849-1:2015 (Category 4/PLe) and EN 62061:2005/ EN 61508:2010 (SIL3), even with devices in series.
  • Non-contact safety sensors experience no mechanical wear from regular use and are tolerant to vibration.
  • Enables enhanced diagnostics with extensive LED indication and auxiliary information lines to help keep your operation running.
  • Up to 30 Eden sensors can be attached to a Vital Controller (DYNlink) and still maintain Cat 4/PLe safety levels.
  • Up to 10 Eden sensors with Safety PLC per input (DYNlink) and still maintain Cat 4/PLe safety levels.
  • When the Eden is powered up for the first time, the Adam and the Eva will share codes. The Eva General can be replaced with another Eva General since they share the same codes. The Eva Unique satisfies the requirements of EN ISO 14119:2013 and can only be used with the Adam that it is paired with.
  • High level of misalignment tolerance (15mm +/- 2mm) because of the RF technology.
  • Suitable in demanding environments IP67/IP69K, a temperature range of -40 to +70°C and optional coated electronics(Eden C) suitable for rapid temperature changes, up to 95% humidity.
  • Local reset and Statusbus (Individual status for up to 120 devices (30 per Statusbus input, 4 per Pluto) version also available.