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The Eden OSSD is the conventional dual-channel version that also operates on RFID technology with most safety relays and Safety PLCs.


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  • Up to 30 Eden OSSD’s can be attached to any standard dual channel Safety Relay or Safety PLC and still maintain Cat 4/PLe safety levels
  • High level of misalignment tolerance (15mm +/- 2mm) because of the RF technology
  • IP69K wash down rated with the M12 connection at the sensor
  • Advanced Diagnostics, if one of the Edens is open, it LED is solid red, the downstream sensors flash Red/Green indicating the problem is before them
  • Ideal for retrofit and OEM applications where an existing safety relay or safety PLC needs to be used
  • Large operating temperature span, -40C to 70C (-40F to 158F) 
  • Two versions of the Adam OSSD are available – Info or Reset


Eva is available with either General or Unique coding for EN/ISO 14119 applications

IMPORTANT – Eva Unique or General can used with either OSSD and DYNLink Adams. Eva Unique or General cannot be used with the Asi Adams which will only work with an Asi Eva. 

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