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ANSI MV Digital Metal-clad Switchgear

Digitalization simplifies construction while increasing safety and versatility

Digital metal-clad switchgear is an advanced medium voltage switchgear solution whose hallmarks are reliability and simplicity. Digitalization of the protection and control system simplifies construction while increasing safety and versatility.  This innovative technology is now offered across the full ABB product portfolio of medium voltage switchgear and are UL certified. ABB is taking the next dramatic leap forward in advancing the technology of switchgear solutions.

The digital switchgear design incorporates current sensors, which do not saturate, and voltage sensors instead of bulky PTs which require compartments, directly reducing inventory, maintenance and overall operational costs.  This design increases personnel safety and fewer equipment failures providing the most reliable solution on the market. 


  • Enhanced safety, reliability and accuracy
  • Lower operational costs and increased efficiency
  • Flexible design changes and quick delivery
  • System redundancy protocols can overcome a failure of a link or switch within near-zero switchover time
  • Reduced environmental impact


  • Fewer wires to install, commission and maintain
  • Continuously self-supervising, with maximized error protection for troubleshooting
  • Relays support both parallel redundancy protocol and high-availability seamless redundancy protocol
  • Optimized set-up for quick and easy switchgear sourcing
  • Ferro-resonance-free solution without conventional PTs
  • Less energy required to operate the switchgear
  • Current sensors are based on the Rogowski coil design, do not saturate and one sensor covers all current ranges