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Steel City Metallic Boxes

Steel City® is the industry-leading product line of metallic boxes used in electrical construction. Since 1904, Steel City® products have symbolized the highest quality standards in manufacturing and innovative design, with one of the most complete offerings available. Steel City® products are known for their simple improvements, such as being the first box offering to standardize combination slotted/ phillips screws on all boxes. Steel City® is also recognized as a leader in design innovation, as in our new metal stud bracket. Steel City® continues to listen to contractors and responds to their ever-changing needs. 

Steel City Metallic Boxes Features

Save time and labor by shipping prefabricated, ready-to-install assemblies of Steel City boxes, covers, fittings and brackets directly to the job site.

Steel City's innovative bracket designs simplify the process of positioning and mounting electrical outlet boxes

Steel City Metallic Boxes Products

  • 5 SQUARE
  • Square Boxes & Accessories
  • Pre-Fab Components & Assemblies
  • Switch Boxes & Accessories
  • Gang Boxes & Accessories
  • Round/Octagon Boxes & Accessories
  • Utility Boxes & Accessories
  • Concrete Masonry Boxes & Accessories
  • Ceiling Fan Boxes & Accessories
  • Box Hardware & Accessories
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Adjustable mud rings