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HarnessFlex Hinged Fittings

HarnessFlex®hinged fittings are designed to protect against liquid ingress, excessive cable strain and mechanical abrasion.

Design features include:

  • Radiussed internal form of conduit protects cables from abrasion
  • Internal backstop (found on all hinged fittings) alleviates any potential problems caused by unevenly cut conduit and ensures correct assembly

Products include:

  • Hinged fittings - Tough and durable Nylon PA 6 Material. Hinged fittings for commercial wiring harnesses
  • TempGuard fittings - Enhanced high temperature protection for high temperature wiring
  • Two-piece fittings - Fittings providing protection for in-line connectors, fuse links, circuit breakers and splicing areas
  • Accessories - Circular fittings and breakout