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HarnessFlex TempGuard Fittings

Designed to operate at temperatures up to 200°C, TempGuard® systems provide a complete high temperature cable protection solution for the automotive market,

The required reduction in emissions, along with changes to engine design to improve safety, reduce noise and improve efficiency, have resulted in higher engine temperatures. This has led to the automotive industry needing a complete and effective solution to protect the wiring and connectors in their engines.

Features & Benefits

  • High temperature resistance (up to 200ºC) - full system offering greater protection for wiring
  • Very high flexibility & fatigue life
  • Protection from heat, abrasion, vibration and automotive fluids in all harness routing areas
  • High temperature polyamide fittings and co-polyester conduit
  • UL94 V2 certified fittings
  • Tested for tensile and impact strength


  • HTC conduit - Standard weight high temperature conduit with high compression strength and excellent chemical resistance. Suited to applications where elevated temperatures are present
  • TempGuard external hinged fittings - Enhanced high temperature protection for high temperature wiring
  • TempGuard two-piece fittings - Fittings providing protection for in-line connectors, fuse links, circuit breakers and splicing areas
  • TempGuard connector interfaces - Protection for OEM connectors against high pressure wash-down, excessive cable strain and mechanical abrasion