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Non-Metallic Boxes

Non-Metallic Boxes

Carlon non-metallic boxes are designed for quick and easy installation, code-compliance and durability and come with all the accessories, sizes, enclosures and covers you will ever need.

Non-Metallic Boxes
Carlon Electrical Non-Metallic Tubing
Carlon® ENT is a light, flexible and strong non-metallic raceway system for use in walls, floors and non-plenum ceilings.
Carlon enclosures and junction boxes
Rugged Carlon® junction boxes and NEMA enclosures offer all the corrosion resistance and physical properties you need for applications ranging from the industrial floor to...
Carlon Non-Metallic Boxes
Carlon® non-metallic boxes are safe and durable, quick installation, and fire-resistant.

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