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ST – Star Teck Series

ST is the original STAR TECK® fitting for Teck and ACWU cable

Jacketed metal-clad cable fittings for hazardous locations


  • Excellent pullout strength
  • 90 degree elbow version now available in new ST-90 series
  • Robust metallic construction
  • Quick and easy installation without disassembly
  • “Pop-on” fitting (no dis-assembly) saves installer time
  • Provides grounding continuity of cable armour
  • Splined gland and gripping features for ease of installation
  • Safe operating temperature range: -40ºC to +90ºC (-40°F to +194°F)
  • Type 4/4x IP rating


  • Copper free aluminum construction,
  • Zinc Plating Steel, Stainless Steel construction available

Suitable for use with Teck and ACWU cable


  • Provides means for passing jacketed metal clad cables through a bulkhead or enclosure in industrial and hazardous areas
  • Oil and Gas Industry, Chemical and Industrial markets
  • Construction and installation zones where metal clad cables are specified