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ADVAC Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The ADVAC series is a complete line of ANSI-rated vacuum circuit breakers with a spring-charged mechanism offering power distribution system customers the advantages of the latest technology with a modular design that is easily maintainable.


  • ABB EL spring mechanism used on various ANSI and IEC breakers to provide up to 20,000 mechanical operations in a compact, modular design that is readily accessible and easily maintained to reduce downtime
  • Modular Smart Coil assembly used in multiple ABB breakers provides close, open and undervoltage actuation in one simple assembly
  • The motor assembly can be replaced by removing a single screw, thereby reducing downtime
  • Vacuum interrupters completely embedded in a solid insulation material provide superior protection against dust, dirt and condensation, and are less susceptible to failure due to contamination, tracking or partial


  • 5 to 15 kV heavy duty breaker rated at 1200 A to 3000 A continuous current and 25 kA to 63 kA interrupting current
  • Safety features include standard built-in mechanical anti-pumping device, KIRK key, padlocking, push-button cover provisions and closed-door racking
  • The racking mechanism (truck) is integrated into the breaker and designed to 180 ft2lb torque rating to provide increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs
  • Remote motorized racking options are available