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AMVAC Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

AMVAC indoor vacuum circuit breaker

The next generation in ANSI medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker technology.

The AMVAC is the next generation of ANSI medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker, utilizing magnetic actuation technology to provide a more reliable and longer lasting solution to the industry. This is made possible by the simplicity of the magnetic actuator design features such as one moving part and built-in safety features.


  • Simple open and close coils, an electronic controller and capacitors for energy storage
  • Requires the least maintenance of all medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker designs on the market today
  • High number of operations between breaker servicing
  • Increases safety by reducing personnel time in front of switchgear lineups


  • Rated at up to 15 kV, 3000 A, 50 kA and 27 kV, 2000 A, 25 kA
  • Low-maintenance magnetic actuator mechanism and electronic controller
  • Standard five-year warranty
  • Fixed and withdrawable versions with front operating mechanism
  • Stored energy operating mechanism with mechanical anti-pumping device supplied as standard
  • Remote motorized racking options are available