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Feeder Plug-in Circuit Breakers

Choose 1" THQL breakers or ABB's exclusive 1/2" THQP circuit breakers (THQP are available for most load centers). Both are superior products and because the compact THQPs make the most of available panel space, you can install smaller load centers to save money and space in both new installations and service upgrades.

  • UL Listed (Molded Case Circuit Breakers No. 489)
  • 60°C / 75°C Conductor Rating
  • Quick Make, Quick Break
  • Box Type Terminals

Features and benefits

  • 1"or 1/2" breaker sizes available
  • Copper to copper connections, with corrosion-resisting tin plated stabs
  • Every breaker exceeds UL, NEMA, ANSI, CSA requirements
  • 65° C/75° C Conductor Rating
  • Quick make/Quick break box type terminals
  • Handle trips to center position, giving a clear indication of a tripped breaker
  • Multi pole circuit breakers incorporate internal common trip


  • 15-50A 1/2" THQP, 1 and 2 pole
  • 15-125A 1" THQL, THHQL, and TXQL, 1 pole (15A - 70A), 2 pole (15 - 125A) and 3 pole (15A - 100A)