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Tandem & Quad Circuit Breakers

Tandem and Quad Circuit Breakers - ABB

The Tandem circuit breaker (THQLT) is a space saving electrical device designed to provide two separate circuits within a one-inch breaker space. This allows users to expand their electrical capacity without the need for additional load center space, making Tandem breakers the practical choice for residential electrical systems.

Quad circuit breakers (THQLQ) are versatile electrical components that offer (two) one and (one) two-pole breakers within a two-inch breaker space. They are specifically designed for modern electrical panels to optimize space and provide increased capacity for residential and commercial applications. With the ability to handle multiple circuits efficiently, quad circuit breakers are an excellent choice for upgrading and expanding electrical systems.

Product details

  • Space-saving solution: Allows for expanded electrical capacity
  • Easy installation and compatibility with all new and existing Single Phase Powermark™ load centers 
  • Flexibility in adding new circuits or upgrading without load center replacement
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance and reliability
  • Mounts in any break position, with or without wing stabs


Technical specifications

  • Rated for use on Single-Phase 120/240 & 120/208 VAC systems 
  • 60⁰C/70⁰C conductor rated 
  • HACR and SWD rated 
  • Meets UL and cUL 489 requirements 
  • Protection up to 10,000 amps of available fault current


  • UL Listed Molded Case Circuit Breakers No. 489


  • Home renovation
  • New construction