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AF Contactors 4 pole

AF Contactors 4 pole - Secure uptime and optimize stocks with AF latest technology up to 2650 A


  • Optimize logistics  and cut administration costs with fewer product variants to handle
  • Access global support and use the same products in all parts of the world
  • A reduction of the coil's energy consumption by 80% lets you save energy
  • Secure your uptime by letting the AF technology overbridge voltage drops and sags.


  • Up to 1000 A, 690 V AC-1 and 540 A, 600 V general use
  • Only 4 coils cover 24 V - 500 V AC and 20 V - 500 V DC
  • Push-In option available on the AF09…AF38
  • Built-in surge suppression
  • Mirror and mechanically linked contacts
  • Easy-to-use accessories through snap-to-connect function.