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AF NEMA-Rated Contactors

Our AF NEMA contactors have an IEC housing and a NEMA rating, so you get the benefit of the smaller size and standardization of NEMA frame sizes. Unlike most NEMA contactors, AF NEMA contactors are IP20 rated, eliminating the need for additional safety housing. With ABBs AF NEMA contactors, you get simple NEMA selection, small dimensions, and finger-safe accessibility. Ranging from sizes 00-8, we print the NEMA size on the contactor so it’s clear and easy during selection and installation.


  • Easy selection – With standard NEMA frame sizes, selection is quick and easy.
  • Small dimensions – The AF NEMA devices are a great solution when space is limited.
  • Finger safe – IP20, no need for additional safety housing

Technical features

  • Same size / footprint as AF
  • Same accessories as AF (CA4, BEA, TEF4, etc.)
  • Same protection devices as AF (MS132) and overload relays (TF42, EF19)
  • Same technical performance as AF
  • Same short circuit rating