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Ethernet communication interface with EtherNet/IPTM

The EIU32.0 is an Ethernet/IP communication interface for remote communication with the UMC100.3 Universal Motor Controller. Its unique flexibility means it can be either direct-mounted on the Universal Motor Controller or mounted separately on an adapter, maximizing uptime. The interface supports optimal adaptation for each application, speeding up your projects. 

Main Benefits

• Mountable in two ways – directly on the UMC100.3 or separately on the SMK3.0 adapter outside the drawer
• No need for Ethernet cables to enter the drawer
• Ideal for withdrawable applications

Main Features

• Ethernet interface with EtherNet/IPTM
• ODVA certified
• Built-in two-port switch for easy integration into any network topology
• Beacon-based Device Level Ring (DLR) support for redundant ring communication
• Web server for monitoring and maintenance