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Profibus communication interface for UMC100.3

PROFIBUS DP communication interface

The PDP32.0 enables the UMC100.3 Universal Motor Controller to communicate on a PROFIBUS DP fieldbus.

Main benefits

  • Simple – mounts directly on the UMC100.3
  • Advanced – mounts separately in the cable chamber of the MCC to provide several advantages:

  - Makes drawer replacement faster due to automatic addressing and parameter download
  - Detects if the wrong drawer is pushed in
  - Diagnosis to DCS if a drawer is withdrawn
  - Higher communication performance with no drop lines on the fieldbus

Main Features

  • Mounts directly on UMC100.3 or separately
  • Data transfer rate up to 12 Mbit/s
  • Fieldbus connection via Sub-D connector or terminals
  • Certified PROFIBUS slave
  • Diagnostic LEDs