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VI15x Voltage Modules

Measuring the 3 phase voltages adds some more advanced motor protection features to the UMC100, like underload, powerfactor, under-/overvoltage.
Simple 2-wire-connection to UMC100 allows flexible mounting.

ABB VI150 and VI155 expansion modules measure three-phase voltages and extend the UMC100 Universal Motor Controller with functions such as underload, power factor and under-/overvoltage protection.

VI150 is for grounded networks

VI155 is for grounded and ungrounded networks



• Compact, 22.5 mm wide housing
• Detects supply problems before motor starting
• Protects equipment, prevents dry running pumps
• Delivers base information for energy management



• Measures three-phase voltages
• Nominal motor voltages 150 … 690 V AC
• Advanced motor protection functions
• Extended motor diagnosis
• Additional integrated relay output

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