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Controls & Protective Relays

ABB has the industry's most comprehensive range of time relays measuring and monitoring relays, interface relays and power supplies – helping you to source all critical components from a single global supplier.

Economic & DIN Rail Range Power Supplies

ABB’s CP-E range offers enhanced functionality and a simpler, more rational selection process. All power supply units can be operated at an ambient temperature of up to +70 °…
CP-D power supplies for installation and distribution panels.

Interface Relays & Optocouplers

The CR-M range is our miniature solution to link the electronic controlling to the sensor/actor level.
The CR-P pluggable PCB can be directly soldered on a Printed Circuit Board or as a plugged on a socket.
CR-S Space-saving interface relays and optocouplers
The CR-U range is our universal applicable part of the interface relays assortment that can be extended with accessories like the timing module.
The boxed interface relays were built directly in the housing, therefore, providing the perfect solution to fulfill the highest vibration requirements.

High Performance & Buffer Range Power Supplies

Ultracapacitor-based buffering units
High-performance power supplies for demanding industrial applications

Limit Switches

ABB limit switches are an easy and reliable way to convert mechanical movements into electrical signals.

Measuring & Monitoring Relays

ABB's liquid level monitoring relays are used for regulation and control of liquid levels and mixture ratios for conductive fluids.
CM-Exx and CM-Sxx are the single-phase current and voltage monitoring relays that provide reliable monitoring of voltages and currents by using the TRMS measuring principle.
Reliable insulation monitoring of IT systems
The three-phase monitoring relays of the CM range guarantee reliable and continuous monitoring of a three-phase network as well as the trouble-free and economic operation of…
Protecting motors against overheating
The innovative CM-TCN temperature monitoring relays can be configured either via a back-​lit LCD or smartphone app.
CM-TCS relay range monitors and measures the temperatures of solids, liquids and gaseous media using a variety of different sensors.
The CM-UFx grid feeding monitoring relays monitor voltage and frequency according to the relevant standards for decentral energy generation.

Primary Switched-Mode Power Supplies

Advanced three-phase power supply units

Standard Range

Time Relays

Timer relays are available in three different ranges to cover every application.

The CT-C range combines higher value and performance at a lower cost by offering essential functions.
The CT-D range has a compact modular housing which is ideal for building applications and installation panels.
CT-S range high-performance time relays.

Previous Generation Relays, Timers & Control

Offers a wide array of contact arrangements, coil voltages and accessories to give you greater design versatility. <600V, 5-500HP
Small, general purpose relays suitable for general control-circuit applications
Offers a cost-effective switching solution for industrial control circuits. 5-30A.
Provides 12 different output functions and multiple timing ranges. 0.6 sec to 60 hours, 24-500V.