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ReliaGear® Lighting Panelboards

ReliaGear® Lighting Panelboards

By integrating Formula A2 & Tmax XT as mains and sub-feeds in the RQ, RL, RE, RS and ProStock, ABB delivers a new generation of lighting panels with increased breaker density and advanced features.


ReliaGear lighting panelboards are factory assembled on rigid steel frames and equipped with circuit breakers from 15 A to 800 A. The maximum fully-rated short circuit rating is equal to 65 kAIC to 240 V AC and 480/277 V AC.


ReliaGear lighting panelboards are ideal for applications where speed and performance matter, such as:


  • Commercial and high-rise buildings
  • Data centers
  • Educational and institutional facilities
  • Food and beverage facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Large industrial complexes
  • and more


Key Benefits

  • Modular and versatile design to help speed installation and reduce labor costs.
  • Same day availability and exceptional lead times offering a more competitive advantage to projects where time is critical.
  • State-of-the-art technologies and vast expertise, from ABB and GE Industrial Solutions, help secure more business and maximize profits.
  • Global presence with local service for a fast response to calls for support.



Key Features

  • Extruded split neutrals to simplify wiring and help speed installation.
  • NEMA enclosures offer ample gutter space for terminating wires and cables per NEC code.
  • Increased amperages and sub-feed circuit count to feed more downstream loads.
  • Advanced electronic trip units within compact frames offered to ensure continuity of service and equipment protection at all times.
  • Thousands of configurations and optional embedded surge protection devices, main metering, or branch circuit metering available to build lighting panelboards that adapt to each customer’s specific needs.
  • Automated Empower tool facilitates product ordering helping users save time and money.
  • Formula A2 and Tmax XT breakers support from low tier to high tier customers by including advanced features such as higher interrupt ratings (up to 200kA), Ekip Dip, and thermal-magnetic trip units.


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