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ReliaGear™ Lighting Panels with Branch Circuit Monitoring
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ReliaGear™ Lighting Panels with Branch Circuit Monitoring

ReliaGear™ lighting panelboards with branch circuit monitoring can connect with a building automation system to track energy and power down to the individual branch circuit helping improve energy efficiency and control costs.
ReliaGear lighting panelboards are available in split and solid core circuit monitoring. Moreover, ReliaGear lighting panelboards feature Formula A2 & Tmax® XT circuit breakers as mains and sub-feeds in the RQ, RE, and RS to experience XTreme performance.


  • Improve energy efficiency and help reduce costs
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities
  • Maximum reliability and security
  • 5-year warranty on metering equipment



  • Available in split or solid core
  • Ability to set the orientation and numbering of the circuits
  • Four-user configurable alarm registers allow you to set thresholds to help with load management
  • Communicates Modbus RTU via RS485 communications, a versatile and widely used protocol
  • Optional main breaker monitoring by adding on additional split core CTs
  • LEED measurement & verification points
  • Wide CT capability.
  • Retrofit or new construction applications with solid-core or split-core CT models


Technical specifications

  • 1, 2, 3 pole breaker support
  • 1/4 to 100 amp monitoring - the widest range available


Standards, Classifications, Certifications

  • UL 67 panelboards; UL 50 cabinets and boxes
  • UL 489 molded case circuit breakers
  • cUL listing for ReliaGear lighting panelboards and non-entrance panelboards
  • International Building Code Seismic Certification
  • California Building Code Seismic Certification
  • NEMA PB1
  • National Electrical Code – Ref. Article 384
  • ISO Certification 9001
  • IEC Class 1 metering accuracy
  • ASHARE 90.1 compliance



ReliaGear lighting panelboards with branch circuit monitoring are a safe, smart, and sustainable solution for applications where energy monitoring and detailed circuit usage tracking is critical to reduce costs and to improve energy efficiency. Ideally suited for applications where loads are dynamic such as:

  • Commercial submetering
  • Educational & institutional facilities
  • Condominiums & apartment complexes
  • Storage units & parking garages
  • Retail stores
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Data centers
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Large industrial complexes


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