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Pro-Stock Spectra* Series Plug-in Switchboards
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Pro-Stock Spectra* Series Plug-in Switchboards

With an installed base of thousands of units worldwide, Spectra Series switchboards set the standard for functionality, flexibility, and rugged, durable construction. Our Pro-Stock Program builds on this legacy and provides the foundation for power distribution systems wherever 24/7 reliability is an absolute necessity.


Utilizing the universal design that Spectra Series switchboards offer allows for substantial flexibility for a wide variety of customer applications. The modular assemblies of the plug-in style connections help reduce the maintenance and assembly time.


The Pro-Stock Spectra Series Switchboard is designed especially to address requirements of your small project needs. The compact unit combines the main service disconnect, the electrical distribution panel and the metering device compartment (optional) into one space-saving unit, delivering maximum installation opportunities, available to splice as many distribution panel sections as needed, feeding left or right. The Spectra Series ProStock Switchboard is a flexible solution with a combination of superior features design to meet the requirements of the project.

Features and Benefits

  • Main bus, 1200-2000 amp, copper or aluminum
  • Short circuit ratings allow up to 65kA @ 480/277 VAC
  • Fully rated bus with provision for future extensions left and right
  • Front access only with hinged doors
  • Front and rear alignment for splicing sections
  • Spectra plug-in panel type for easy installation of breakers
  • Main device, 1200-2000 amp, manually operated main – Programmer (ETU) LSIG
  • EPM 2200 Digital Power Meter available for main sections
  • Qualified for Seismic Ratings per publication 1VAL0001-DTA and OSP-0044-10
  • Enclosures available in NEMA Type 1



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