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Load Centers - Residential - PowerMark Gold Single Phase - USA

PowerMark Gold™ Single Phase - USA

PowerMark Gold Single Phase


PowerMark Gold load centers are designed to control the distribution of energy through the house. PowerMark Gold load centers’ unique features enable a safe, fast, and easy installation. At the same time, they deliver benefits in design, function, and quality that are intuitive and impactful.


  • Full-length neutrals are easier to wire, reducing installation time and cost
  • Raised neutral screws cut wiring time
  • Sturdy copper bus and galvanized box increase durability and reliability
  • Tangential knockouts reduce conduit bending time
  • Back keyholes and slotted side holes simplify mounting



  • One-piece interior that can be removed and reinstalled easily
  • 100% rated split neutral on each side
  • Steel breaker mounting rail
  • Tie bar may be removed to split Neutral/ground
  • Accepts GE Q-Line branch breakers, including GE’s exclusive 1/2" THQPs
  • Suitable for use as Service Entrance Equipment when installed in accordance with the National Electric Code


Technical specifications

  • Accepts 40-225 Amps main breaker
  • Capable of holding 2 - 42 feeder circuits
  • 22kAIC main breaker, series rated 22/10
  • Single Phase, Three Wire, 120/240 VAC, 22 kAIC Rated
  • 60°C/75°C Conductor Rating


Certifications, classifications, standards

UL Listed (Panelboards No. 67)



  • New home construction
  • Home remodeling
  • Service upgrades
  • Home expansion
  • Light commercial




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