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DTS-2 Diagnostic Test Set and MasterTEST

DTS-2 Diagnostic Test Set and MasterTEST

Current Technology’s portable DTS-2 Diagnostic Test Set provides facility engineers, equipment technicians, and end-users with easy, active testing of on-site product performance as well as distribution system voltage monitoring. Conveniently lightweight, the DTS-2 easily connects to any Current Technology MasterPLAN® suppression filter system to immediately deliver quantitative, diagnostic measurement of all modes of suppression filter system performance and effectiveness.


  • Monitors RMS voltage of connected suppression filter systems to permit troubleshooting of RMS undervoltages or overvoltages
  • Provides establishment of benchmark clamping voltages for future comparisons
  • Benchmark clamping voltages are recorded on the Diagnostic Signature Card at the factory before shipment and packaged inside the suppression filter system enclosure
  • Real-time testing identifies potential problems before protected loads are affected
  • Ongoing suppression filter system performance analysis is provided by clamp voltage comparison on a monthly or semi-annual basis
  • Indicates alarm condition if system N-G is outside of normal electronic load operation ranges
  • Tests and monitors all Current Technology suppression filter systems and some models require DTS-2 adapter)


  • Easy-to-read digital LCD
  • Thirteen horizontally positioned pushbuttons
  • High output test circuit
  • Electrical interlock system
  • High impact moisture resistance case
  • Dedicated storage area for DTS-2 power and test cords

Downloadable Resources

Current Technology’s DTS-2 Diagnostic Tool Set Datasheet

Current Technology’s MasterTEST Handheld Datasheet