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Current Technology Surge Protection

ABB introduced powerful CurrentGuard® CG3 and CGP3 Surge Protective Devices to help protect against utility power anomalies and lightning induced transient power surges. Both, feature thermally protected MOVs, various performance indicators, and robust enclosure options to help you safeguard your customers’ equipment and capital investments.

CG3 and CGP3 feature thermally protected MOVs to eliminate overvoltage, safeguarding your equipment and capital investments.
CGP3 includes dependable thermally protected MOVs and multiple monitoring options to help protect electrical equipment, electronic devices, and appliances against power…
Select® SL3™ was the first hybrid design in the market to offer protection to critical loads and downstream equipment from catastrophic overvoltages.
TransGuard®─TG3™ (TG3) surge protection devices protect and prevent costly downtime and equipment damage caused by routine or catastrophic electrical disturbances.
Choose our PX3™ suppression system when you need an externally mounted surge solution that can be physically attached to the top or bottom of any panelboard.
Current Technology MasterMind™ Monitoring system offers multiple levels of advanced, multifunction, power quality monitoring for SL3™, TG3™, and PX3™ suppression filter…
ISM™ Surge protective device offers breakthrough technology focused on current sharing, by eliminating reliance on PCB trace for conducting full surge current.
Dual shielded, triple insulated multi-core power conductor specially constructed to minimize interconnection impedance for SPD installations.
DTS-2 and MasterTest products provide active testing of on-site product performance.