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HPI High-Performance Interconnect System

HPI High-Performance Interconnect System

HPI™ (High-Performance Interconnect System) – SPD Connection System is a dual shielded, triple insulated multi-core power conductor specially constructed to minimize interconnection impedance for SPD installations. HPI is UL approved for use with Current Technology SPD products. The ground & neutral shielded design of the HPI SPD Connection System provides the installer with a pre-manufactured SPD termination or a field terminated option with ends unterminated.


  • Maximizes SPD unit performance
  • Allows the SPD unit to be installed outside of the switchgear
  • Interconnect cable length can be increased up to 4 times
  • Increases installation location options
  • Simplifies installation and reduces installation time
  • Improves installation quality
  • Removes hazards of internal SPD installations
  • Offered either pre-terminated at the SPD end or unterminated at both ends


  • Dual shield
  • Triple insulated
  • Multi-core

Standards & Certifications

  • UL approved


Downloadable Resources

HPI Datasheet

HPI Installation & Operation Manual 6AWG

HPI Installation & Operation Manual 10AWG