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BreakMaster LIS

ABB BreakMaster LIS

BreakMaster™ LIS, featuring the advanced interrupting technology of the VersaRupter® switch, provides dependable, economical load switching and protection for medium voltage circuit applications from 2.4 kV through 15 kV in 600 A and 1200 A load ratings and 40 kA and 61 kA load interrupting ratings.

Used mainly as a primary or secondary disconnect switch for transformers, the BreakMaster LIS is available in a variety of configurations that also make it useful for specific distribution needs. It can be inserted as a main or feeder switch in Advance® switchgear or MV motor controller lineups. Fault current protection is available using a complete line of current limiting or expulsion fuses.

BreakMaster LIS with Automatic Transfer Switch
Advanced digital technology and motor operators allow BreakMaster LIS to switch to emergency power when normal power fails, offering a cost-effective alternative to breaker options.

Medium voltage LIS Retrofit
ABB's Medium Voltage LIS Retrofit solution provides reduced arc flash incident energy levels for customers on their existing MV equipment. Learn more.


  • On/off control of transformer primary switches
  • Duplex and selector switching applications
  • Industrial and utility switch and fuse line-ups

Product scope

  • Configurations: single, selector, duplex, mains/ties, branch, 20 and 35-inch wide incoming cable
  • Switch ratings: 5 to 15 kV, 40 to 61 kA interrupting switch mechanisms
  • Continuous bus amperes: 600 to 1200 A
  • Switch amperes: 600 A and 1200 A
  • Enclosures: indoor and outdoor
  • Standards: UL, cUL, ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, IEC

Features and benefits

  • Custom-designed, and with many accessories, to meet switching requirements
  • Available with SwitchgearMD™ temperature and PD monitoring solution
  • Transition to Advance MV switchgear available
  • Utility metering cabinets (UMC) are available
  • Option to integrate Ultra-Fast Earthing Switch (UFES) to achieve the highest possible level of protection for personnel and equipment
  • ATS option available
  • A variety of paint options are available to meet industrial needs