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INCA TINA is an illuminated emergency stop for panel mounting. It is designed for installation in 22.5 mm holes in equipment cabinets with a removable terminal. INCA's compact dimensions saves space in the cabinet.

Used to stop unsafe machine function in order to prevent an accident or reduce its consequences.

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Features and Benefits

  • Kiwa-tested to the highest level of (Category 4/PLe), even with devices in series
  • Helps reduce downtime with extensive LED indication and auxiliary information lines.
  • Easily expandable if additional e-stops are needed.
  • Removable terminal block
  • Models with black button available for a safety stop
  • Easy Connection
  • Statusbus (Individual status for up to 120 devices (30 per Statusbus input, 4 per Pluto) version also available.
  • DYNlink allows connection to a Vital Safety Controller or Pluto Safety PLC