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Medium Voltage Utility Solutions

Engineered solutions for Medium Voltage address the constant need within the utility industry to improve systems hardening, grid resiliency, and safety. Whether systems are overhead or underground, our products deliver superior performance for continuous operation during their life span.

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Air Break Switches

Joslyn Hi-Voltage load air switches are a cost-effective attachments to convert an isolating switch into a load interrupter switch.

Capacitor Switches & Controllers

Current-Limiting Fuses

Hi-Tech is an industry-leading brand of current-limiting fuses with advanced designs to provide maximum protection in small, cost-efficient form factors to optimize value,…
This fuse incorporates over 20 years of field-tested Hi-Tech full-range fuse technology combined with a new visual indicating mechanism. The Hi-Tech Valiant current-limiting…

Elastimold Solid Dielectric Reclosers

Elastimold Solid Dielectric Switchgear

Electric Air Furnace Switches

Fault Current Indicators

Fisher Pierce® Fault Circuit Indicators (FCIs)

Substation Connectors

Homac® Substation Connectors encompasses a broad line of high-quality substation connectors at competitive prices, backed by superior customer service.

Underground Cable Accessories

Whether systems are overhead or underground, our broad family of electrical solutions enables us to support your design, construction and maintenance requirements economically, reliability and safely. We are your partner in power delivery.

Elastimold® offers a wide variety of separable connectors, cable joints, cable terminators and other cable accessory products that have been designed and tested per…
The new Elastimold Veri-Spike grounding-aid device provides a safe and quick method to verify if a system is de-energized before any maintenance begins. Safety solutions for…